Simple ways that we can protect ourselves from sellers and telemarketers.

Have you also noticed that the largest number of marketing calls that are not welcome comes from numbers that have been reserved by the owners? This is good news, because you can easily contact your mobile operator and ask him to block the possibility of making calls from such numbers to you. That’s enough for no one to bother you anymore – one request can do a lot. Are you worried about a friend calling you, who, for example, accidentally blocked the number? Do you think he will not be able to contact you? Nothing could be more wrong – he will hear a specially prepared message in the receiver, which will explain to him that it is not possible to make phone calls from restricted numbers to you. Later, it’s enough that he unlocks his number, and after a while will be able to contact you. In turn, the telemarketer does not have the possibility to change the number reservation, so there is no chance that he will try to call again.

However, when you do not want your phone to receive calls from private numbers and decide to answer such a phone – you also have several options for action. First of all, you can politely thank the telemarketer and let him know that you are not interested in the offer of his store or bank. Are you afraid of offending someone on the other side? Do not worry, not all people are so well brought up and call center employees are accustomed to much worse refusals to contact. He receives up to several hundred refusals every day, which is why he is immune to them. It is worth knowing that such people get paid for each call made on a given day, so if you kindly thank them both you will benefit from it.

Did you know that every telemarketing call over the phone has to be recorded? If not, we’ll be happy to explain why this is happening. The contract is valid if the contract is signed by telephone. It is also a way to quickly end the conversation – if we do not agree to the recording and tell the consultant, he is forced to end the conversation with us – and immediately!
If you have access to the Internet, you can easily check who is calling you. All you need to do is use one of the pages where users inform each other about the senders of unwanted phones. It’s a very convenient and fast way to learn the truth about the person behind harassing phones. When you find out who is calling, you can also share this information, for which other users will be grateful.


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